Hello world!

Some time ago i got tired of using MS Windows…too many virus, worms, bugs, yada, yada, yada… where on the base of that decision. Besides i wanted to learn something new.

About six years ago, i started to use several Linux distributions: 1st, Suse Linux, 2nd the formerly Linux distribution known as Mandrake (Mandriva in this days), then Caixa Mágica (a Portuguese distribution). All of them where installed on my desktop at the time.

But I never ridded myself from MS Windows, because the software that i need in the faculty only existed for Uncle Bill's Operation System, i needed to port information between distinct PC's with the same software and, i confess, i was mind lazy.

And then i about one year ago i found out Ubuntu…Then, and now, everybody here and there talked about a “Linux for Human Beings”. Since i'm an Ergonomics student, Usability fan, and i had time to learn something new…so i though “Why not! Since, i am tired of always emule the last MS Windows version. So let's give it a shot, and kill two birds with one stone”.

So, at the dawn of this year, i completed my migration to Linux, and installed the Ubuntu, and removed form Maria (my laptop) Ms Windows. This is the reports of my adventure.

my first ubuntu desktop


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