Gnome Baker Icons

One of my passions is design, associated with the my interests with usability and open source, came one idea to re-concept the icon of Gnome Baker.

When i installed Gnome Baker for the very first time (i was experimenting a CD/DVD burner), i fall in love with the simplicity of the interface, but two things where getting in my nerves:

  1. the gnome baker icon is very similar to the icon of the CD/DVD drive as you can see in this screenshots. The only visual difference was the name at the bottom.
  2. There where not SVG icon. It is very important to use a SVG icon because of accessibility (i will explain why on a latter post).

So i decided to put my hands to work, and made some unofficial SVG icons to substitute Gnome Baker Icon. And here is the final result:

gnome baker

I already have made one proposal to Gnome Baker Development Team, if they whant to use these icons on the next release.


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